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Education is changing, just like in other fields. Indeed education needs to lead changes because education predetermines the skills and mindset of our future workers. Nurture Craft is acutely aware of these needs. For more than 20 years, Nurture Craft has been leading change in education. Since 1992, we have led the need for change in how schools and home educate children.


In 1992, Nurture Craft together with University of California Los Angeles pioneered the call for high contrast baby toys. Three years later, the association of pediatrician, USA published a manual encouraging parents and caregivers to do so. We have been at the forefront in the movement for teaching thinking, multiple intelligences, mind maps and question thinking.


Since the year 2000, we have been encouraging the inclusion of pedagogies to help students live in a world of complexity and uncertainty. We have also been promoting the development of character through thinking dispositions. We are pleased that our efforts to help schools and other learning institutions to infuse these pedagogies have benefited thousands of students in Singapore and the region.


As we move into the future, we will continue to address the need to develop student’s thinking skills and attitudes in preparation for a world that is increasingly complex and uncertain. We relentlessly scour the horizon for thoughtful leaders to do this with us. We are proud to include new international thoughtful leaders such as Marilee Adams, Ph.D., into our list of esteemed partners.


We look forward to collaborating with your school in preparing our students for the future.


Nurture Craft Education Services

  • Develops and offers a wide range of student enrichment programmes infused with thinking skills using Professor Arthur Costas Habits of Mind, Professor Tony Buzan’s Mind Mapping techniques, creativity and memory strategies, Dr Branton Shearers Multiple Intelligences Development Assessment Scales (MIDAS) and Dr Marilee Adams Question Thinking techniques.
  • Worked with over 100 Singapore primary and secondary schools to customise and integrate into their curriculum lessons.
  • Delivered programmes to more than 60,000 students in Singapore and in the region like Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam and Guangzhou.
  • Conducted training to more than 5,000 teaching staff and certified over 200 teachers in our licensed programmes.
  • Organised public events and in-school workshops inviting Professor Arthur Costa, Professor Tony Buzan and Dr Branton Shearer to speak to over 3,000 educators, teachers and parents.


Nurture Craft Pte Ltd

  • Exclusively distributes Parents’ Choice award winning magazines ie. BOX Magazines (UK), Current Events and Current Science Magazines (USA) 2008-2012, OWL KIDS Magazines (Canada) and the National Wildlife Federation (USA) series of magazines, Wild Animal Baby 2013-February2015, Ranger Rick Junior and Think+ (in collaboration with Habits of Mind Institute).
  • Circulates more than 25,000 copies of magazines to subscribers and schools per month.
  • Distribute leading educational products ie. Learning Resources (USA), Educational Insights (USA), Educational Colours (Aus), GALT (UK) for teaching resources, classroom art supplies and materials. 


 Le-SOUL (The School Of Universal Learning) works alongside preschools and schools to provide comprehensive advice and tailor-fitted support in developing a high-quality learning environment for children. Le-SOUL is one of the pioneers in creating holistic 21st Century programmes and services not just for children, but for also for parents, educators, and the community to jointly support the child's overall development.

The Le-SOUL Strategic Alliance Group, a strategic management board of educational experts from various fields, has the united aim of creating the best holistic learning environment for children in the 21st Century. The group has a combined experience of over 60 years, and has reached out to thousands of children, parents and educators across more than 5 different countries. 


Go to www.le-soul.com to find out more.



This Aikido And Movement Fun Workshop will cover the essential Aikido principles as well as provide the students with a better understanding of Aikido through the aid of hands-on exercises, interactively developed games and committed group of instructors to bring about a variety of simplified basic self-defense Aikido techniques.


Go to www.aikidoshinjukai.com to find out more.



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