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  • What do you do?

    We are involved in the publishing and distribution of children’s educational magazines, as well as the training and development of both school children and their educators (ie. teachers). We run a multitude of instructional classes for both school-age children and teachers.

  • What qualifications do your trainers have?

    All our trainers are degree holders. They undergo countless hours of being trained as trainers and all have classroom teaching experience. Many have experience working with or in the Ministry Of Education (MOE), National Institute Of Education (NIE), and other professional bodies. Our trainers also undergo specific professional training in the various programmes that we offer: eg. iMindMap, Buzan Speed Reading, Power Memory, etc. 

  • What is your average class size?

    Our usual class size is around 25 or so, although we can start a class with less than half of that size, depending on the situation. We aim to have small classes so as to give each student special attention to his/her natural learning processes.

  • What if my child misses a lesson or class?

    Please see the trainer in charge or contact us should you require a repeat lesson.

  • When will my magazine subscription begin? 

    Subscriptions will start in as little as 2 weeks from the date of our confirmation of your payment. Your magazines may arrive within 2 weeks of our confirmation of your payment. Allow an additional week if we run out of stocks for any applicable gifts that come with your subscription(s). If you do not receive your first issue of magazine subscription within 2 weeks, please contact us by phone and email.

  • Who is in charge of your Magazines Subscriptions?

    Chat with Ulina in Email: ulina@nurturecraft.com.sg

  • Who is in charge of managing your Programmes?

    Chat with Andrew in Email: andrewlim@nurturecraft.com.sg

  • Can I visit you at your office?

    Allow us to contact you to serve your needs. Please see our Contact Us page and do make an appointment during office hours. If you intend to come visit us at our office.

    We can be reached at (65) 6258 6236.